Pinterest infographics

When it comes it high impact presentation of content, few social media platforms can rival Pinterest for sheer aesthetic appeal and interest.

So we’ve put together a collection of social media Infographics that many of our regular readers (and new) should find interesting.

Social Media Training - Pinterest Infographics

4 thoughts on “Pinterest infographics

    1. I know. But they’re all long colourful infographs. It’s near impossible to navigate them. And I know the layout is pinterest’s default, but I was just pointing out the fact that fact.

      1. Yes, it’s a very valid point. However, you can of course see the full size Infographics by clicking on the pin and then, when it enlarges in Pinterest, clicking on it again to go to the source website (because most are repinned). One of the things we’d like to see Pinterest do is release a few of the image size constraints (in terms of auto-sizing what was originally much larger content).

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