Twitter volume record

500,000 tweets in an hour

Twitter is well known for the correlation between it and TV viewing.  Rarely does an evening pass without trending topics giving at least one top ten mention to television content.

One country in which TV programming always features highly is the United Kingdom.

Football dominates the weekend.  X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and I’m a Celebrity are all shows that any Twitter user can’t escape when they’re scheduled.

Soap operas feature occasionally, but one particular BBC soap dominated Twitter to such an extent recently that it broke tweet volume records.

Eastenders, running for over 30 years, and the “Who Killed Lucy Beale” story sent Twitter into overdrive.  If you ever wondered what could create over half a million tweets in an hour – this is a perfect example of it.

Twitter volume record
Eastenders generated over 500,000 tweets in an hour.

A total of 508,678 tweets were sent in an hour related to the hashtag #EELive.  This is a record for soap opera.

Just under 20,000 tweets were sent in a single minute alone, that being the moment that the killer was revealed (we’ll not spoil it for you – there is a link below).

The half a million statistic doesn’t tell the full story though.  A subsequent programme that ran immediately after the main show attracted so much attention that the total number of Eastenders related tweets went well over the million mark.

You can find the full data on the link to the Twitter blog below:

Twitter blog on Eastenders record

Madness or just another sign of how much correlation now exists between social media and television viewing?

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