LinkedIn launches Arabic language version

LinkedIn has announced the launch of an Arabic version of its platform to serve 14 million members in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In doing so it produced a rather nice infographic charting some interesting statistics.  One of the first to draw attention is the fact that over 40% of LinkedIn Arabic speaking members come from outside the MENA region.

If you want a horse training in the region and look to LinkedIn for connections, you’ll find there are no less than 63 horse trainers offering their services – perhaps one of the least predictable statistics you would expect to find!

LinkedIn Arabic
LinkedIn launch an Arabic language version of the platform.

Oil and engineering, construction and education are the 3 sectors that dominate membership in what is probably the opposide of the above in being one of the most predictable items of information in the region.

The item that surprised us most though was one very close to  home.  LinkedIn claim that the foremost influencer of Arabic speaking members is no less than Sir Richard Branson.

You’ll find the full LinkedIn blog article on this link.

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