LinkedIn HQ

LinkedIn and Google (and others) plan offices

Mountain View in California is already the centre of the technology world for many companies.  Now, it could be about to get a lot busier.

Under news revealed earlier this week, LinkedIn, Google and other tech-sector companies, have submitted plans for a collosal 6 million square feet of office space that would house in the region of 30,000 staff.

Included in the plans from Google were ‘translucent biosphere canopies’ instead of traditional roofing.

Google HQ, Mountain View
Google’s existing HQ on Mountain View

The plans from Google are the most notable in ambition, with a development that would make their existing HQ (above) look small by comparison.  Their new offices would cover 2.5 million square feet and accomodate 10,000 staff.

LinkedIn won’t be too far behind them – with a proposed 1.6 million square feet development and almost a quarter of million square feet of retail space including a cinema and athletics club under the name of “Shoreline Commons”.

LinkedIn HQ
LinkedIn HQ

Despite the plans, it is incredibly unlikely that they’ll all be passed.  Instead, it looks like technology giants will have to compete for space.  Google’s plans have a rather smart solution for the tearing up of almost 3,000 parking spaces in order to free up land – because they have said they’ll develop a similar number of spaces underground!

We’ll monitor the story and see how it progresses.  One thing is for sure though – technology, as ever, doesn’t stand still in the world of property.  As companies grow, their working space needs to equal it.

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