Tweetdeck to abandon original login credentials

Twitter have announced that any Tweetdeck user still using Tweetdeck-only login credentials will need to change to their Twitter account login from 31st March 2015.

That sounds rather confusing, doesn’t it?  Well, in the past you could create a Tweetdeck login (an email address and password).  This would be entirely independent of any Twitter account you already had.  It would simply allow you to login to Tweetdeck but from there you needed to ‘authenticate’ Twitter accounts you wished to use it with.

They then decided you could only begin using Tweetdeck (as a new user) by logging in with an existing Twitter account; existing Tweetdeck users could continue logging in with their Tweetdeck-only credentials.

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There are security benefits to logging in with your Twitter account but that isn’t the main reason they’re introducing the ‘switch’.  It is because it’ll allow businesses (and individuals) to utilise the newly introduced “Teams” facility.  This means that any number of Twitter accounts can be granted permission (of varying levels) to post under another account name.

For example, if you run a company of 50 staff, 10 of whom you want to be able to tweet from your single business Twitter account, you can now use Tweetdeck Teams to give them permission to do so.  What’s more, you don’t have to give them all full Administrative permission now.

You can read the full announcement here.

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