Is JP Morgan telling staff to amend LinkedIn profiles?

LinkedIn is often seen as a portal through which recruiters seek to fill positions.  Whilst this might be an annoyance to some employers, there are rumours online that it is proving more than that to JP Morgan, the multi-national banking and financial services group.

The reports allege that employees in technology roles have been told that stating their job titles and dates of employment are fine, but anything more than that isn’t.

It went on to suggest that one reason could be the sensitive nature of IT projects and the possibility of staff giving away information on their profiles that JP Morgan would prefer them not to.

JP Morgan New York offices
JP Morgan New York offices

After the original allegations surfaced, efinancialcareers (efc), followed their initial article up with another in which they said:

“Thanks to a tip-off in our comments section, we now understand that Dana Deasy, the global head of technology at J.P, Morgan has been sending out memos requesting that employees state no more than their names, their corporate title and a generic description of the bank they work for (J.P. Morgan) on their LinkedIn profiles. At the risk of control freakery, it seems that Deasy has even added some mandatory wording of his own. He’s also banned any form of endorsements – seemingly given or received.”

Whether any of this is true or not, we don’t know, but it does provide a timely reminder of the fact that, when an employee associates their LinkedIn profile with a corporate brand, the content of it can often fall under scrutiny and the controls of a wider company social media policy.

LinkedIn training

Social media training

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