LinkedIn supports the theory of it’s who you know, not what you know…

LinkedIn has published data to suggest that the old adage of “It’s who you know, not what you know.” is as true as ever.

They’ve looked at connections on the social network and assessed how companies recruited from them.  In doing so, they’ve discovered that 16% of new recruits were already connected to the employer prior to joining them.

The data also indicates that the connection didn’t even need to be a formal connection.  It may have come through a connection that simply allowed you to see updates and exposed the job opportunity to you.

What is much more interesting though is their anaysis of the recruitment trends by sector.

For example, the computer games sector recruited over 28% of new employees from their existing connections.  Network security and venture capital positions also see huge numbers from within the sector.

Sectors that recruit the most from existing connections
Sectors that recruit the most from existing connections

The above chart is in stark contrast to the sectors in which recruitment seems anything but ‘in sector’.

If you work in the restaurant sector, you find yourself at the bottom of list for the most likely to be recruited from existing connections.  LinkedIn report a mere 7.1% of positions coming from them.  That may well indicate how active the sector is on LinkedIn rather than a tendency to seek out those you already know.

Freight delivery, medical practices and the luxury goods sectors were also low on the list.

industries-that-higher-least-from-first-degreeThe one that surprised us was the retail sector, recruiting a miserly 9.7% from existing connections.

You can view the full blog and data from LinkedIn here.

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