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LinkedIn launches Elevate for companies to empower staff

LinkedIn has launched a new product, called Elevate, that promises to empower employees and let companies reap the benefits.

Elevate is open by invitation only at present, having been tested by a number of well known companies including Adobe and Unilver.

If you’re an organisation that wishes it could make more of employee profiles to distribute content, Elevate could be the solution you’ve been looking for.  It also promises to help with content creation and scheduling.

LinkedIn Elevate
LinkedIn Elevate is a brand new product release, aiming to allow companies an easier way of getting employees to share content.

The official LinkedIn description of Elevate contains more buzz-words than a buzzy thing on buzz day, because this is what they’ve said about it:

“LinkedIn Elevate combines algorithmic recommendations from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle, and human curation, to equip employees with a ready stream of relevant content they can share.”

Apps for Apple’s iOS, Android devices and desktops are ready to allow users to easily share content on LinkedIn and Twitter with a claim that the product includes intelligent scheduling capabilities to ensure content gets shared when their personal network is at its most active.

LinkedIn training
LinkedIn say that Apps for iOS and Android devices are already in place.

The feedback Elevate has received from Adobe sounds very positive:

“This product helps our employees start social conversations about Adobe and the industries we serve. Adobe employees who participated in the LinkedIn Elevate pilot drove 80 percent more Adobe job views than they did previously and in February alone, each participant drove three to four new trial downloads for Adobe solutions. Our employees want to be active on social media, and LinkedIn Elevate offers an easy platform to provide them with insightful content that they will want to share.”

LinkedIn have also said that Elevate comes with a powerful analytics system that allows employees to see how many times content they’ve shared has been liked, commented on, and reshared, and how many people it reached.

LinkedIn training
LinkedIn Elevate comes complete with its own analytics suite.

In future they’ve said you’ll be able to see who viewed their profile and requested to connect as a result of the content they shared.

It also provides companies with the same data in addition to show how many job views and Company Page followers content has attracted.

Another company that has been tested the product, Quintiles, claim employees witnessed an uplift of four times as many profile views and twice as many connections.  Impressive stuff – so let’s hope they don’t keep it to invitation only for too long!

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