Twitter publishes Princess Charlotte activity statistics

Twitter publishes heat map of #RoyalBaby name announcement

Twitter has published a blog article containing two impressive graphics charting the arrival of Prince Charlotte and the announcement of her name.

The first graphic shows the 1.1 million tweets that surfaced upon her entry to the world and clearly shows spikes in global activity as countries around the world woke to the news.

#RoyalBaby Twitter activity graph
Graph shows the spike of tweets as countries woke to the news of the arrival of a new Royal baby.

The second, and much more impressive, item shows the volume of activity on a global heat map when the baby’s name was announced.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana attracted an intriguing amount of tweets from all corners of the globe, with the United Kingdom being swamped by heat spots, the USA shows widespread explosions of the news and a lot of activity in commonwealth countries and across Europe.

Whilst the levels of interest have now tailed off and Twitter has resumed normal service, the weekend was dominated by the #RoyalBaby hashtag and it spurned a variety of other tags and mentions.

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