Facebook Messenger location sharing

Facebook has started the deployment of a more precise location sharing feature as part of Messenger.

Users can now send a map of their exact location or another location they choose.

Available on the mobile Messenger app, the “More” button will let you select your location, including outlets such as shops or places like restaurants, or perhaps simply to inform someone of where you are when heading to a meeting (that’s the example the Facebook press release gives).

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Want to pinpoint where you are and tell someone? Now you can.

Your location is only sent when you tap the Location pin and the recipient can be sent it in a separate message.

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Eager to tell someone you’re running late? You could just call them…!

Facebook are keen to point out that Messenger doesn’t receive your location unless you’ve enabled Location Sharing and that they aren’t requesting any further information or permissions.

The only time location information is transmitted is the moment you click on the location pin.

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Facebook stress that your privacy isn’t compromised unless you tap the Location pin.

This new feature follows hot on the heels of the recent addition of video calling in Messenger and it is clear Facebook is putting significant resources into the app.

Business use remains questionable but the emphasis is on giving users as much functionality as possible and making Messenger the default social media instant communications tool.

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