LinkedIn reveals the “Hot jobs” of 2016

LinkedIn has published a blog article in which they claim to know what the “Hot jobs” of 2016 will be.

The list has been compiled based on the jobs that were being recruited for in 2015, in combination with present day job advertisements on the channel – thereby, according to LinkedIn, forecasting the most in demand skills for the year ahead.

They’ve listed 25 job areas, ranging from cloud and distributed computing at No.1 to corporate law and governance at No.25.


The dominance of IT skills is clear to see but you’ll note that marketing and campaign management is at No.3, rising 9 places from their last list.

We were surprised to see business intelligence skills drop 12 places to No.18.  It was forecast to be in major demand at the beginning of 2015.

The most interested thing about the list is where cloud and distributed computing has come from – quite literally nowhere.  It wasn’t even in the top 25 last year.

LinkedIn say they noticed a large increase in the number of members that listed cloud and distributed computing in their skills set in 2015.

There were a few surprises in skills that have left the top 25 too.  These include games development (24th to 29th), digital and online marketing (16th to 32nd), SAP/ERP systems (21st to 34th), computer graphics and animation (17th to 37th) and integrated circuit design (a significant faller from 22nd to 41st).

The biggest surprise, especially when you consider this is LinkedIn that we’re talking about, was the exit of the recruiting category from the top 25.  It fell from 15th in 2015 to 26th in 2016 – sitting just outside the published “Hot Jobs”.

They’ve also produced a SlideShare presentation on the “hot jobs”.  You can access the presentation by clicking here.


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