Periscope comes of age

Twitter has announced that live Periscope broadcasts, and replays, are to be viewable from within a tweet on a users timeline.

The news is almost certain to bring a huge increase in awareness of the live broadcasting app that has already seen a surge in popularity over recent months.


Previously, to view a Periscope broadcast you’d need to click on a link to launch the app or go directly into Periscope.  However, the change will see broadcasts embedded  and playable within tweets.

The Periscope team made the announcement in conjunction with Twitter and were clearly very excited about.  We can appreciate why as we’re of the opinion this could bring about a significant change in how many will use Twitter and Periscope.


The new feature will initially only be available to Twitter app users on iOS.  An Android version is expected to follow but the iOS feature will be rolled out over a couple of days and you may well find it is available to you now.


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