Facebook app extends 3D Touch support

In a news item likely to be of most interest to iPhone 6S users, Facebook is extending support in its app for 3D Touch gestures.

The existing app already allows for 3D Touch gestures but they’re limited in functionality when pressing the Facebook app icon.

The big change with extended functions is in the deployment of “Peek and pop”.

This brings functions into your Facebook timeline.  This could be in the form of:

  • Quick previews of a profile
  • A peek at a news story without moving from the item on your timeline
  • The popping out of a photo when you gently press it, without it opening fully


The Apple iPhone 6S is currently the only iPhone to support 3D Touch

The deployment of these new features started on Thursday (21st January) but that doesn’t mean all iPhone 6S owners will see them immediately.

It starts with a small number of users and they’ll roll it out fully over the coming months.

If you’re an iPhone 6S owner and you discover that a Facebook app update has given you the benefit of these features, let us know what you think of them.


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