LinkedIn’s 20 million UK members

LinkedIn have announced that they’ve reached the 20 million member mark in the United Kingdom.

That, according to LinkedIn, is 60% of the UK’s student and working population.

They’ve created one of the best infographics we’ve seen from them to represent the data, albeit in very summary form.


The headline statistic of 20 million members doesn’t say a great deal because the opening up of the platform to Universities and students has seen membership rise rapidly in recent times.

However, there is no reference to how often those members login or actively use the platform.  We know from our experience in the UK, working with the public and private sector (and Universities and schools too), that after profile creation there is often a long hiatus.

Many users only revisit LinkedIn to update their CV’s but there are also power-users, particularly those in the recruitment sector, that will use the network daily.

The statistic about UK users moving overseas is an interesting one.  That accounts for 1% of the entire LinkedIn user base from the country moving away.

There is no surprise in IT staff occupying top spot in terms of the sectors worked in but we found the mention of 217 opera singers quite amusing!


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