Pinterest 2016 trends

Pinterest has published a list of pinned items that are trending in popularity and are forecasting to be of importance in 2016.

They’ve also published data to show how much growth the items have been experiencing and some of increases are surprising.

Are they the things to be pinning in 2016?  We’re not so sure but there’s no doubt people are out there looking for them (oddly enough in some cases!).

Here are a few to start with:

  • Jiu Jitsu – the martial art is up 49%
  • Coconut oil – a significant 43% rise!
  • Zucchini – 22% up (courgette to us!)

Then we come to this.  The item that puzzles us most…


The pocket square.  Apparently they’re up 32% on Pinterest.  Are we going back to an age of sharp suits and cravattes?  Blanket scarves get a mention too with a whopping 55% rise in popularity!

That’s before we get to what Pinterest call “Athleisure”.  They describe that as “Easy workout wardrobes”.  Casual sporting stuff that you can run around in if you want to?

One that we’re not surprised about in the UK is STEM Projects.  They’re up 35% as schools have put an impetus on developing more interest in children to pursue STEM careers.

Having Brunch at home has seen a 48% rise and DIY photo prints have seen a 56% increase.

Colouring for grown-ups, something that we already knew had seen a colossal peak in interest over the last 18-24 months, is still going strong with a 53% rise.

Flying solo gets a mention with a 32% rise in those looking for what Pinterest describes as “Self discovery”.  We like that one.  Let’s go now.

Before we do, there’s one last item.  Capsule closets.  We took a double-take at that.  What’s a capsule closet?  We’re not going to try to describe it.  Take a look for yourself here.


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