Facebook live video has arrived

Facebook has announced the launch of live video to all iPhone app users in the United States.

Hot on the heels of Periscope, and no doubt noting its success, the move is destined to change user timelines significantly.

Twitter has been quick to promote the power of Periscope and there has been a marked increase in its popularity in recent months.  However, the Facebook launch in the USA is almost certain to attract much greater attention and lead to a shift in the landscape of social media habits.

The use of the Facebook feature appears to be remarkably easy (and incredibly similar to that of Periscope).


The tap of a new icon (above), showing the head of a person, begins your live video broadcast.


That gets your video started (again, above) with you giving it a title and selecting the audience options.


From there, your audience can interact with you through likes or comments.  It’s that simple.

Facebook hasn’t yet indicated dates for global deployment but we don’t expect it to be too long before you’ll see it in Europe and the rest of the world.

Prepare for videomageddon!


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