GoPro and Periscope live streaming

January has been the month of live streaming announcements and there’s another to excite GoPro HERO 4  and iPhone users.

You can now broadcast the video your GoPro HERO 4 is recording live on Twitter’s Periscope app.

Imagine the possibilities of that!  Want to watch a racing driver in real-time as they zip around a track?  Now you can.  Or a ski-ier as they go hurtling down a slope?  Again, it is all possible.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced the ability to broadcast via Periscope in timelines.  Facebook followed this with the launch of live timeline broadcasts for users in the United States.  It is reasonable to suggest that we’re witnessing a rapidly changing climate in social media at present and live streaming is at the very forefront of it.

If you own a GoPro HERO 4, you simply connect to its WiFi and ensure it is set to video mode.

Then, open Periscope on your phone and tap the broadcast button.


The GoPro button will be highlighted and all you’re left to do is give your broadcast a title.

You can even switch between the HERO 4 camera and your iPhone camera whilst broadcasting, as Twitter pointed out with this paragraph in their launch announcement:

Once you’re live, you can double tap to switch between your GoPro and iPhone cameras. There’s also a new button that locks your phone screen, so nothing is accidentally pressed while it’s safely in your pocket.

What does it look like?  Well, rather like this frame taken from the demonstration video Periscope have produced:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.16.30

As you can see, Twitter users can interact with your broadcast in real-time from anywhere.  Perhaps they’ll tell you to speed up or perform a particular task.  The mind boggles.


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