Instagram tests account switching

Instagram is testing a feature on a limited number of iPhone users to allow for swifter changing of accounts.

The testing was revealed in a tweet from an Instagram user, thanking them for giving him the ability to change between his numerous accounts more easily.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 19.39.44

At present, Instagram users are required to log-out of an account and log back in with other account credentials if they maintain multiple presences.

Unlike the Twitter app, no facility exists for the fast changing of account identities.

The screenshot posted by the Twitter user, shown above, appears to reveal what would be a much more convenient way of changing the account you post from.  The image shows that you simply select the account you want to post from in the settings menu.

Hopefully it’ll be a feature that everyone can use soon although there is no confirmation of it being given the go-ahead for full deployment yet.


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