Vine adds new features

Vine has added a small set of new features that give users more control over the way they view videos.

The first, and most fundamental, is that you can now watch Vines in a different order instead of having to skip back through them in chronological order from the latest post.

They’ve produced a GIF, shown below, that demonstrates how you can now view them in order of newest, oldest or most popular.

Select Newest, Oldest or most Popular order

A single tap on the icon next to “Posts” lets you pick from the 3 options with a radio button style.

Secondly, you now have the ability to edit the caption you’ve assigned to Vine – albeit for a brief period after you’ve posted it.  Previously, if you made an error you had to live with it or delete the entire post.

The feature is (somewhat disappointingly) available on Android now but coming to iOS very soon.  You access it by selecting the “…” menu next to your Vine.

Finally, and we love this one, 3D Touch has now been enabled in Vine for iOS.

Pressing and holding the Vine app icon on your iPhone now lets you start the recording process immediately or explore a sub menu.

Have fun!


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