LinkedIn change settings page

LinkedIn have finally redesigned their Privacy & Settings page with a much fresher and cleaner interface.

Announced on 10th March, the new design will be seen by users over the next few weeks in a rolling deployment.

Account, Privacy and Communication settings are now managed in individual tabs with better visibility for users to see what they can control.

The existing LinkedIn interface has looked cluttered and out-of-date for a considerable time now, with the social media channel slow to bring a look and feel to it that fits in with the business users they’re so eager to attract.

However, the new interface is a huge improvement.  In a blog article they’ve given a preview of what you’ll see.


LinkedIn also stress that no settings have been removed and default settings have remained the same (they’re keen to avoid some well known issues with other social media channel updates in that respect!).

There’s a welcome addition too because the redesign includes options that allow you to decide who LinkedIn can suggest you to as a recommended connection.  For example, if a user uploads their connections from, say, their email account, LinkedIn may have suggested you as a connection.  You can now proactively decide if you want those with other forms of your contact information to be recommended to connect with you on LinkedIn.


Whilst LinkedIn has set the default on this new feature to “Everyone” (and recommends it), we envisage that the extra visibility the new interface gives will lead to a large volume of users changing it.  The reality is that just because someone has once sent you an email and saved you to their contacts list, it doesn’t mean you necessarily want them spamming you with a connection request on a social media platform.

Regardless of our opinion that the redesign is very overdue, it is welcome.

LinkedIn state that the deployment has already begun so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before it is available to you.


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