Instagram announces Business Tools

Instagram, seen as the darling of the social media world for growth at present, has announced the launch of a series of tools aimed at businesses.

The features are described as being their response to speaking to businesses and discovering they wanted to stand out on Instagram, get more data insights and attract more customers.


Business profiles

First, and most significantly, Instagram will be making Business Profiles available.

They’ll include additional contact options for interested parties to connect with a brand by email, text messaging or telephone.  They’ll also include directions to the business.

The preview of a business profile was limited but they don’t appear to be a major departure from standard Instagram accounts to the eye.

They’re the only accounts on Instagram that will benefit from the next new feature…


Yes, business profiles will get access to performance data.  They’ll be able to view a range of data to assess what type of content works best with their audience, views and more.

Instagram referenced demographic data in their launch blog but we’re not entirely sure of the extent of this at present.


The final tool is more predictable – an advertising option.

In what sounds like an Instagram counter to Pinterest and its “Promoted Pins”, business accounts will be able to select a post they want to promote and Instagram will suggest the best way of reaching their audience (or you can select your target audience, presumably in a similar way to that of Facebook Boosted Posts).


All the ‘tools’ sound positive and we’re disappointed to read that the deployment will be over the next few months in the USA, Australia and New Zealand alone.  Other regions of the world will follow, with the intention to have the new features available in all areas by the close of 2016.

We’ll let you know when we hear more but, for the moment, that’s all we can say.  It is a step in the right direction though and one that we know many of our clients will welcome.


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